The first step of todays adventure
About Us
  1. Ideas
    The whole project was developed around the idea of sharing a good time in a new city with the ability of meeting new people and making new friends in an easy, fun and quick way. We don't like loners.
  2. The Future
    We expect to launch the app by the end of this year.
  3. Technology
    We are developing a new app that chooses a random cultural or significant place that is part of our network in the user's nearby area and have you and other users race to that place. The last one to arrive must pay the price. In blood. OF THE INNOCENT. Just kidding. Or are we??
  4. Sustainability
    To create a user base we will challenge the users to race to cultural, historic and turistical places. At some point, in the near future, we will allow for private businesses such as bars and caffes to enter our network for a certain fee
  5. What we want
    We thrive to achieve a global known company with a wide community of users who sometimes are just passing through a new city and don't mind spending time with a total stranger who might be his next best friend. We hope to share our app with everyone and have a great time promoting culture as much as fun.
The Team
Two students from Portugal with different backgrounds.
Nuno comes from a management school background. He is currently still refining his trade by spending most of his time sleeping during classes. He utilizes such gained energy to improve his projects and going deeper into the terrefying world of entrepreneurship. When he has time he likes to wander the streets of Lisbon in his orange pajamas calling himself a good natured vigilante. If you see him slowly escape in the opposite direction.
Gonçalo, the technical genious of the duo. Learned his craft at IST. Provides Orangeman with all the tools and gadgets he needs in his crime fighting. 
Together we are creating an app that allows everyone to come together for a drinking or cultural time, be it a traveller, an erasmus student or even someone just looking for a random good time. And try to make some profit out of it. We are capitalist pigs. Nuno more than Gonçalo. Just sayin'...
How do i Install?
All you need is a GPS and a Internet connection, because it's a free to use app.
Click on the image and download the app it will install automatically and you are all set. 

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